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about ABODE

ABODE Design an established one stop Interior Design and Renovation service provider in Malaysia had since evolved from a humble set-up into a fully integrated interior design outfit it is today. It is made up from a team of professional and experienced Architecture, Engineering, Designers, and 3D modelers with a strong background in interior design to provide the clients a tailored-made integrated solution. Each design is developed in a serious and differentiated way, according to excellent parameters, standards and optimum quality required for each project.


Since it was launched, ABODE Design has never neglect on the value of design for humans. This concept may seem simply but, in fact, it is something that is often overlooked in the design process. The designers at ABODE constantly asking themselves question such as: How will the light come in? Who will use the product, for what purpose, how long will it last? The end goal is to create a quality space that is functional, long-lasting and comfortable; not just a pretty photograph.

ABODE strive to imagine the psychological effects of the proposed space and what it will feel like to be in it. The mood can shift simply by rethinking the types of textiles and materials that are used. Every choice is deliberate. This attention to excellence has been rewarded with numerous accolades in the fields of Interior Design and development. 


Along with our wealth of experience, our interior designers also have the enthusiasm to stay constantly up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry. Combined with our oath to provide unparalleled workmanship, ABODE Design will provide you with the best interior design services.

Together with a constant focus on customer relations and through close rapport, our assurance to you is our total commitment for your complete satisfaction.

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